Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well, Pattern is done. Socks are done. I am IN LOVE with them, though they are NOT what I originally planned. I think that the fact of the matter is they are what they WANTED to be. I am SO PLEASED with the stitch definition on the Instant Gratification Yarn! And I am knitting a bit tightly on size 4s but they are beautiful and HOT FUSCIA!!!!!

Photo session tomorrow as long as the sun holds out. I didn't get home in time today so it is just waiting for that. And lucky me - my neighbor thinks it is funny when I take pics with her flowers - and they are the perfect is a sneak peak at the bottom of the sock just so you can see how GREAT the color looks!!!

Those flowers are much more pink, but the beautiful Fuscia makes them look so much more orange!!!

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